Law of Attraction and The 7 Chakras - 8 Week Course

Law of Attraction and The 7 Chakras - 8 Week Course

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Learn about the connection between the Law of Attraction and the 7 Chakra System

-Beginner level teachings on the Law of Attraction

-Beginner level teachings on the 7 Chakra System

-Learn tips, tools & techniques on how to manifest what you desire by using your chakras and the Law of Attraction.

-Learn visualization & meditation techniques for all 7 chakras and the Law of Attraction

-Learn how to run healing energy and how clear negative energy

-Learn how to recognize when your chakras are out of balance

-Learn how to do a ritual bath

-Learn yoga poses & breath work for each chakra

-Learn self-awareness and mastery of the self

This 8 Week Course will give you everything you need to become a Manifesting Magnet through Law of Attraction teachings. Learn the basics of the 7 Chakra System to have the awareness of your chakras and when they are in or out of balance and how to heal them. This course if for beginners or advanced practitioners. All levels are welcome! There will be videos, handouts, and group sharing. Please bring a notebook and pen.

Rebecca Kinelski, Law of Attraction Practitioner, has been studying and practicing the Law of Attraction consciously for over 25 years. She is also a Yoga Instructor and Practitioner for over 19 years. She has taught Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga.

Rebecca has gathered tools, tips & techniques on how to attract wealth, love, excellent health & a higher consciousness into her life. And of course so much more. She would love to share her secrets with you to help you along your sacred path. Get ready to step up your manifesting game and learn the secrets that many are not teaching.

This is your opportunity for self-transform through the Law of Attraction & the 7 Chakra System!

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Cost for the Eight Week Course - $200 Special Introductory Rate. (Originally $400)

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Full amount due 1 week before the course starts.

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