The Waning Moon Ritual, New Moon Ritual, Ritual Bath & Rebirthing Ceremony will be led by Rebecca Kinelski:

The types of rituals I will be leading as High-Priestess will be a Waning Moon Ritual, New Moon Ritual, Ritual Bath & Rebirthing Ceremony. I was taught by Debi LeFaye, a High-Priestess in Lake Tahoe, California.  She learned from her Grandma Chris about the lunar cycles and how to perform different rituals during each lunar cycle. Grandma Chris was from Scotland and learned about these Ancient Celtic-Pagan rituals from her ancestors dating back to the 14th Century. This knowledge was passed down to each woman in the family for generations. Debi was told by Spirit that it was time for her to pass on the knowledge to others outside her family. I am honored to have been a part of the group of women and men that have learned this sacred wisdom.

These rituals honor the Four Directions: Earth, Air, Fire and Water and Gods and Goddess. All faiths, religions, spiritualities are welcome to participate as long as it is positive and comes from a place of love.

The Waning Moon Ritual is a ritual about banishing negativity. We will be making “Straw Men” out of dried lavender. We will put our negativity into them during the day on Saturday. And then during the ritual that evening, we will burn them, thus symbolically burning away our negativity. The power and energy of the 4 Direction, Gods, Goddesses, and ourselves will safely and swiftly release what no longer serves us. This is a powerful ritual and there will be positive changes for you after this release. We all will hold a safe and sacred space for each other. This will create a clean slate for us to work on and start manifesting our dreams the next day.


The New Moon Ritual is a ritual about manifesting our dreams into reality. We will write down what we want to manifest with a magickal pen and paper. We will share this aloud with the group in the sacred circle thus giving it power through our own thoughts and feelings. As well as the others in the group empowering it and of course the 4 Directions and Gods and Goddesses blessing our desires to manifest into reality. This is a safe and sacred space for everyone. This is another powerful ritual. After the weekend you will start to see a positive shift happen in your life. Your dreams will start to come true.



Ritual Bath & Rebirthing Ceremony: We will put on our bathing suits and soak in the hot tub or hot springs for our energetic cleansing and renewal. I will guide you through the ritual by calling in the 4 Directions and Gods & Goddesses to all bless the water. I will teach you how to run energy to bless the water on your own and I will lead you on a guided water meditation. Then I will teach you how to cleanse the negativity out of your body by using the power of the water and other elements like bath salts. I will assist with your water “rebirthing” and you will leave the water ritual reborn a new and more powerful woman.