Manifesting with THE 7 CHAKRAS

This 8 Week Course will give you everything you need to become a Manifesting Magnet through Law of Attraction teachings. Learn the basics of the 7 Chakra System to have the awareness of your chakras and when they are in or out of balance and how to heal them. If you are looking for an opportunity for Self-Transformation through self-awareness then this is the course for you. This course if for beginners and advanced practitioners. All levels are welcome! This Course will be from 6pm-8pm once a week to allow you to absorb the information on a weekly basis. Dates and location will be announced soon!

join me on a journey of self discovery…

Learn about the connection between the Law of Attraction and the 7 Chakra System. This course focuses on beginner level teachings on the Law of Attraction and 7 Chakra System. Learn tips, tools & techniques on how to manifest what you desire by using your chakras and the Law of Attraction. Visualization & meditation techniques for all 7 chakras and the Law of Attraction will be taught. As well as how to run healing energy and how clear negative energy. Learn how to recognize when your chakras are out of balance and which yoga poses & breath work are used for each chakra. This is a powerful course in self-awareness! Through Mastery of the Self, you will learn the difference between the Ego and your Higher-Self and how this is one of the keys to manifesting. There will be videos, handouts, and group sharing.


law of attraction

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law that states like attracts like. Positive energy attracts positive energy and negative energy attracts negative energy. It is always in operation and never fails to give you what you desire whether it is positive or negative. Everything is energy and we can manifest it into being. It brings each person the conditions and experiences that they are predominantly thinking and/or feeling about. And with the power of positive thoughts, emotions and connecting with your higher self you can improve your health, wealth and relationships and evolve to a higher consciousness.

Rebecca Kinelski, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and 25+ year student, has gathered tools, tips & techniques on how to attract wealth, love, excellent health & a higher consciousness into her life. And of course so much more. She would love to share her secrets with you to help you along your sacred path. Get ready to step up your manifesting game and learn the secrets that many are not teaching.


7 Chakra System

There are 7 Chakras in our bodies. They are energy points and represent different parts of our being. They are a point of intersection where the mind and body meet. The word chakra in Sanskrit means “wheel” or “disk.”

When your chakras are in balance life is great and you are mentally and physically healthy. When they are out of balance you can have mental and physical health issues. Learning how to recognize when they are in or out of balance gives you the awareness of how to have a healthy and balanced life. Thus, giving you the awareness on how to manifest what you desire into your life.

“The chakras are gateways between various dimensions-centers where activity of one dimension, such as emotion and thought, connects and plays on another dimension, such as our physical bodies. This interaction, in turn, plays on our interactions with others and thus influences another dimension-our activities in the outside world.” Anodea Judith, Ph.D., Wheels of Life

What will I get out of this 8 week course?

- You will learn the basics of the 7 Chakra System

- You will learn how to have awareness of your chakras and when they are in or out of balance and how to heal them.

-  Self-Transformation - Letting go of what no longer serves you and calling forth what does.

-  Healing of the mind, body, spirit & soul.

- Higher Vibration - Clearing out negative energy and bringing forth positive energy.  You will learn how to do this daily.

-  You will learn how to set goals and how to accomplish them to move you closer to your dreams.

- You will see clearly on where you are stuck in life and how to get unstuck.

-  You will learn meditation and visualization techniques to help clear your energy so you can manifest what you want.

- You will become a Manifesting Magnet!  You will learn tips, tools & techniques on how to manifest your heart’s desires.  

- Of course there is so much more...come find out!

“Awaken to Your Dreams!”