Tips, Tools & Techniques

Here are some of my favorite books, videos, podcasts, oracle cards and tips, tools & techniques to help you stay in a positive space to manifest your heart’s desires:


The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham By: Ester and Jerry Hicks (Start with this book first and then read all of the Ester-Abraham Hicks Books)

Creative Visualization By: Shakti Gawain (This book inspired me to figure out what I wanted to be, do and have in my life.)

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success By: Deepak Chopra (This was given to me as a gift and I have gifted it to all my friends. It’s one of the few books I re-read a lot.)

Think and Grow Rich By: Napoleon Hill (I read this book over 20 years ago and I still state my gratitude and every morning and night.)

E-Squared By: Pam Grout (There are exercises you can do to help you manifest daily.)

The Intenders Handbooks By: Tony Burroughs (I love all of his books.)

The Game of Life and How to Play It - “The Universe Version” By: Florence Scovel Shinn Updated By: Julie-Anne Lee Kinney, CEC (Such a fun read and even though it was written in 1925 it still applies to our current times.)


All Abraham Hicks videos you can YouTube - I enjoy the “Rampage” ones

Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Secret - (Free on Netflix)


Dr. Wayen Dyer

Abraham Hicks

Deepak Chopra

Shawn Stevenson

oracle cards:

Creative Visualization By: Shakti Gawain (50 Inspiration Cards)

Ask and It Is Given Cards By: Esther and Jerry Hicks (60 Card Deck)

Inner Peace Cards By: Dr. Wayne Dyer (50 Card Deck)

Zen Cards By: Daniel Levin (50 Card Deck)

Upon Waking in the Morning:

  • Think and Feel what you are manifesting

  • Be Grateful for another day

  • Drink 2 glasses of water upon waking up

  • Get a Magnesium supplement into your diet:  Transdermal is the best delivery.

  • Exercise

  • Yoga & Meditation

  • Breathe Exercises - Pranayama

  • Healthy Breakfast

  • Earthing - Get your bare feet on the Earth

  • Sunshine - 20 min. Minimum daily

  • Stay in the present moment

  • Sing happy songs

  • Go play!

  • Think happy thoughts

  • Love yourself - Say 3 things you love about yourself

  • Bless your food & water

  • Be aware of your thoughts and feelings throughout the day

  • Be creative - make art, journal, sew clothes, etc.

  • Gratitude Journal

  • Play with animals

  • Garden - Get your hands in the Earth

  • Get out into Nature - hike, bike, beach-time, etc.

I love these inspirational quotes to keep me inspired: