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Forgiveness and its relationship to the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that like energy attracts like energy. What we think and feel we create into our reality. Ask, believe and receive. It is the law of the Universe. It is based on all vibrations weather they are positive or negative. If you want something positive in your life, then you have to be in a positive vibration. So, negativity needs to be cleared out in order for you to manifest what you desire.

Forgiveness is a clearing out a negative energy. If we are trying to clear ourselves of negative energy and we have not forgiven someone, then there is a negative block. We must clear it so we can be in a positive energy vibration. Then we can attract whatever we desire.

I learned about the power of forgiveness when I was 28 years old. I was taking the Landmark Forum course for my first time. It is a 3.5 day program that allows you to see what you are thinking and how to be accountable for your life. After the first day, I saw so clearly that I was obsessed with daily thoughts about my friend. I would rationalize why we were no longer friends. She did a lot of hurtful things to me. I stopped being her friend without any explanation. I just ignored her calls and eventually she stopped calling me.

At the Landmark Forum we were encouraged to call people in our lives that we had issues with. And they gave us the tools on how to conduct the phone conversation so that you could have a healing with this person. So, I called her and apologized for not communicating to her why I ended our friendship. I did not tell her why. There was no need too. This conversation was about me apologizing for my actions. She said she was hurt and angry and it made me realize that I had hurt her. I realized in that moment that from the pain she caused me, I caused her pain too.

After I got off the phone with her I felt a great weight lift off of my shoulders. I forgave her for everything she did. I no longer obsessed about her in my daily thoughts. I felt free. I learned that forgiveness is not about freeing the other person of their wrong doings, it is about freeing yourself.

From that moment in my life I will always remember the freedom I felt from forgiving her. Even though, the turmoil between us never allowed for us to be friends again, I realize now that she was a gift to me for me to learn forgiveness on such a deep level. I am so grateful for her and what she taught me.

It is so eye opening how when someone wrongs us we internalize it, get upset, stay in that negativity, and continue to repeat it by talking about how that person did us wrong. So, that person did you wrong and you continue to re-live it over and over again by talking about it and not forgiving them. And then someone new wrongs us and the pattern repeats. Until, we are constantly in a negative vibration all the time. We then manifest people hurting us because we never forgave the first, second, and third person(s) that hurt us initially.

If you choose to not forgive someone then you will be in a vibration of being a victim, being betrayed, being cheated on or whatever the issue is. The vibration you are attracting is more reasons to not forgive people. And possibly, more people in your life that will do you wrong. If you want the Law of Attraction to work for you, then you have to clean out your emotional house.

If you can catch the negative thoughts right away, you can shift to positive thoughts. But the key is to forgive so that you are free from the negativity. And when you are free you can allow the positive energy in. Forgiveness is so powerful. When we forgive we are allowing more positivity into our lives. It creates a new space for us to begin to create our desires. Forgiveness is not for the other person, to absolve their wrong doings or to say what they did is now ok. It it is for you. It is your ticket to freedom!