Women’s Weekend Healing Retreat

join me for a Women’s weekend Healing retreat…

At a private home nestled in the Redwood Trees overlooking the Pacific Ocean of Northern California. Or at a Hot Spring Healing Retreat in California for a weekend of spiritual pampering and self-growth, spa services, wellness practices, local organic meals, Law of Attraction techniques, Lunar Cycle Rituals, and spiritual teachers will be guiding you on your journey through this powerful life changing weekend. Based on the Four Directions: Earth, Air, Fire & Water, you will experience each element as it heals you at this weekend retreat.

This Women’s Weekend Healing Retreat will start Friday afternoon and end Sunday evening.

Spa Rituals Healing Retreats welcomes private parties. I can reserve a weekend for just you and your closest friends, family and/or co-workers.


Friday - Arrival & Getting settled in

Family-style Dinner will be served.

Friday will be a travel day so please arrive as early as 3pm or later if your schedule doesn’t allow you to be there early. This day will be your day to push your "reset” button. There will be female Massage Therapists if you wish to receive a one-hour Swedish or Deep Tissue massage. Come sit in a comfy chair overlooking the ocean drinking tea and journaling. Soak in the hot tub and gaze upon the ocean. Or walk along the river adjacent to the ocean enjoying the peaceful surroundings. Dinner will be served family style at 7pm at the house. Please try to make it so we can all get acquainted with each other for the weekend.


Saturday - letting go

10am-6pm. Breakfast, Lunch and Family-style Dinner will be served.

The theme for the day is “Letting Go.” We will release the negativity that no longer serves us. Emily May will be teaching a beginners one-hour yoga class looking out at the ocean. Meditate with the group listening to the ocean waves. Rebecca Kinelski will be teaching the basics of meditation and will be leading multiple guided meditations. Rebecca will also be teaching you the very foundation of Law of Attraction and how it works. This will get you started to become a “Manifestation Magnet.” Lori Davidoff, M.A., LMFT will be our guest speaker speaking on the topic of forgiveness. She will be teaching techniques on how to forgive the people in your life. And we will end the day with a Waning Moon Ritual led by Rebecca, where we burn our negativity away. Releasing what no longer serves us. The evening will end with star gazing in the hot tub.


sunday - manifesting your dreams

10am-6pm Breakfast, Lunch and Family-style Dinner will be served.

The theme for the day is “Manifesting Your Dreams.”  Now that we have cleaned out the negativity, we are ready to manifest our hearts desires. We will be reborn in the mineral water of the hot springs or the hot tub by taking a Ritual Bath. (Please wear a bathing suit.) We will talk about our dreams and goals and collectively manifest them through visualization techniques, spiritual guidance, vision boards, and a New Moon Ritual. There will be yoga and meditation. Rebecca Kinelski will be teaching tips, tools and techniques of Law of Attraction and how to manifest whatever your heart desires. We will end the day with a New Moon Ritual led by Rebecca, where we will collectively manifest our dreams. The evening will end with star gazing in the hot tub.

What will I get out of this weekend?

- Empowerment - Bonding with a powerful group of women who will support your inner Goddess to come forth.

-  Self-Transformation - Letting go of what no longer serves you and calling forth what does.

-  Healing of the mind, body, spirit & soul.

- Higher Vibration - Clearing out negative energy and bringing forth positive energy.  You will learn how to do this daily.

-  You will learn how to set goals and how to accomplish them to move you closer to your dreams.

- You will see clearly on where you are stuck in life and how to get unstuck.

-  You will learn meditation and visualization techniques to help clear your energy so you can manifest what you want.

- You will become a Manifesting Magnet!  You will learn tips, tools & techniques on how to manifest your heart’s desires.  

-  Of course there is so much more...come find out!

“Awaken to Your Dreams!”


All local organic vegetarian meals are included and catered. Friday Dinner.  Saturday and Sunday: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. Please let me know if you are vegan or have food allergies so that we can accommodate you. 



Depending on the location of the Healing Retreat the lodging will either be included in the package or will be an additional fee. Please see Rates & Lodging for your options.(picture is not of actual lodging)

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