Sierra hot springs women’s weekend healing retreat

August 17-18th

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Come relax at Sierra Hot Springs in Sierraville, CA for a weekend of spiritual pampering and self-growth. Nestled in the High Sierra Mountains release, rejuvenate & reawaken in this “magickal” setting. Hot springs and sauna usage, spa services, wellness practices, gourmet organic meals, Law of Attraction Techniques, Lunar Cycle Rituals and spiritual teacher(s) will be guiding you on your journey through this powerful life changing weekend.

about the retreat…

What would your life look like if you had the tools to let go of negativity and manifest your dreams? Would you quit your current job and create the dream job you have always wanted? Would you be in a different relationship? Would you have more money? Or would you become a more conscious person living a life of love, peace, and joy? You can have it all and I’ll teach you how. My name is Rebecca Kinelski and I have been studying and practicing Wellness Practices, Spirituality, & Law of Attraction for over 25 years and I want to share with you the tips, tools, and techniques I have learned that have transformed my life from blah to bliss. Please see the link above “About the Owner” to learn more about me and what I can offer you.

In our time of uncertainty, I want to offer women an opportunity to refresh and empower their souls by having a weekend of self transformation. I created these women’s only healing retreats to give women these tips, tools, and techniques on how to transform their lives. My intention is to create a safe and “magickal” space for women to let go of what no longer serves them and to start dreaming big again!


Women’s Weekend Healing Retreat Includes:

2 Night Stay: Saturday & Sunday: Camping, Main Lodge or Globe Hotel
6 - Gourmet organic meals & coffee & teas: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - Saturday & Sunday (Please let me know if you are vegetarian, vegan or have allergies.)
2 - One Hour Beginner Yoga Classes - Emily May - CYT (see link “Guest Yoga Instructor”)
2 - One Hour Guided Meditation Classes - Emily May - Mindfulness Facilitator
1 - Spiritual Speaker - Topic: Forgiveness - Megan Feldman Bettencourt -Author of award-winning book, “Triumph of the Heart: Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World”
1 - Spiritual Speaker - Topic: Law of Attraction - Rebecca Kinelski, Law of Attraction Practitioner
2 - Lunar Cycle Rituals: Waning Moon Ritual (fire ritual to banish negativity) & New Moon Ritual (writing intentions to draw in our dreams) For more information: see “Rituals” link
1 - Rebirthing Ceremony & Ritual Bath - You will be reborn in the healing mineral waters.
1 - Goal Setting Techniques and Vision Board Making
1 - Visualization Techniques for clearing negative energy and bringing in positive energy.
In addition: Full use of the hot springs & sauna 24/7. Hiking, journaling, or cooking your own meals if you desire more than the 6 meals included. More information here

ADDITIONAL INFO: Please bring a notebook & pen for taking notes. Please bring a bathing suit for the “rebirthing ceremony.”

I encourage you to arrive Friday and stay the night so that you can get settled in for the weekend. Friday night lodging is not included.


Spa Treatments and Massage Modalities are an additional fee. Sierra Hot Springs offers $10.00 off per session for retreat participants. Please make sure to book your Spa Treatments and or Massage Modalities directly with Sierra Hot Springs no later than 2 weeks prior to this retreat. I recommend arriving Friday to receive your Spa Treatment or Massage. Or Monday the day after the retreat. If you choose to have any of these services Saturday or Sunday then please book it before we start our retreat at 10am.

The Women’s Weekend Healing Retreat will be Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm. Breakfast will be 9am. Lunch 2pm. Dinner 7pm.

I highly recommend arriving Friday to get settled in. Please note that check-in for rooms are at 4pm. Friday night lodging is not included. Please contact Sierra Hot Springs to book your room and mention you are going to be at this retreat to get a discount.
Feel free to come at anytime and soak in the hot springs, sauna, hike, and/or journal.


Dinner Friday night will not be included. There is a restaurant on-site that will be open for dinner. Please call Sierra Hot Springs to make make a reservation. Or you can bring food and cook your own meal in the communal kitchen. There are also restaurants in Sierraville which is a 2 min. drive from the hot springs.

Please note there is a cat in the Main Lodge. If you have allergies please camp or make reservations at the Globe Hotel.

Participants need to be 18+ years of age.
No alcohol/drugs on premises

Clothing optional - Please bring a bathing suit for the “Rebirthing Ceremony” Even though this is a clothing optional establishment I ask for this Rebirthing Ceremony for everyone to wear a bathing suit so that everyone participating comfortable.

Transportation is not included. The nearest airport is Reno. It is recommended that you rent a car and drive up. More information here


Sierra Hot Springs

A non-profit retreat and workshop center located at the cusp of an enchanted forest and a beautiful alpine valley.

Here, it is impossible to resist the overwhelming sense of tranquility. The natural spring water is as smooth as silk, and the pools are a true experience.

For centuries, Native Americans have regarded this land as a sacred healing place. Now we invite you to discover its incredible powers for yourself.

To learn more about Sierra Hot Springs visit:


Sierra Hot Springs Pools:


For almost 150 years, this land has hosted popular hot springs resorts. The spring water here is as smooth as silk and the pools, which are open 24 hours a day, are a true experience.

The Temple Dome Area is the main pool area and consists of:

The Hot Pool (105-110°) which is enclosed in a large geodesic dome, featuring stained glass and skylights. Complemented by two cold plunges this pool is also sand bottomed, with mosaic tile sides.

Warm Pool (98-100°) Outside the dome is the large warm pool. It is complemented by a large sundeck and a Dry Sauna.

The Meditation Pool (98-100°) is outdoors, surrounded by rock tile. In this faux natural pool, you step down rock steps into a sand bottomed delight. This seasonal hot pool is ideal for enjoying the star studded skies.

The Phoenix Baths (85-90°) are seasonal pools inside private rooms, and the warm spring water is drained and refilled between users. The Phoenix Baths also house our newly remodeled spa area.

As the Meditation Pool and the Phoenix Baths are seasonal pools please check our Pool Cleaning Schedule in advance to find out about any pool closures.
Body acceptance is a key component of Sierra Hot Springs, therefore all of our pools are clothing optional.

We have over 700 acres bordering National Forest land, so biking and hiking possibilities abound. During winter, nearby cross-country skiing is another attraction, and our location is less than one hour from major Tahoe ski resorts. Sierra Hot Springs is a non-profit organization maintained and operated by a group of resident workers. Our goal is to provide stewardship for this sacred land.


What will I get out of this weekend?

- Empowerment - Bonding with a powerful group of women who will support your inner Goddess to come forth.
- Self-Transformation - Letting go of what no longer serves you and calling forth what does.
- Healing of the mind, body, spirit & soul.
- Higher Vibration - Clearing out negative energy and bringing forth positive energy. You will learn how to do this daily.
- You will learn how to set goals and how to accomplish them to move you closer to your dreams.
- You will see clearly on where you are stuck in life and how to get unstuck.
- You will learn meditation and visualization techniques to help clear your energy so you can manifest what you want.
- You will become a Manifesting Magnet! You will learn tips, tools & techniques on how to manifest your heart’s desires.
- Of course there is so much more...come find out!

“Awaken to Your Dreams!”

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